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-Registering as a member of PG constitutes your legal agreement to accept, strictly follow,
and understand the following rules, literally and in reasonable intent and purpose:

-Flooding and spamming the site are prohibited--violators will be instantly banned.

-Spam is a link to a site or forum with the intention of advertising that site, or to sell
merchandise or services from that site. Links to sites with aggressive advertising
popups are prohibited as nuisances and as spam. Links used to spam WILL be deleted.

-Vary your sources. Repeated submissions from the same site will be considered spamming
as a promotion of that site, and could result in a ban. PG prefers original or very unusual
newsworthy material, and NEW material of forensic interest, not just moving links from one
site to another.

-Flooding is repetitious commenting with the purpose being to disrupt a thread. Harassing
other members is also STRICTLY prohibited, and harassers will be banned.

-Links are not allowed in signatures. Large signatures are discouraged and will be removed.

-Uploading reality or gore images to imageshack or photobucket or ANY other Minor-accessible
third-party site is discouraged, as this may be in violation of their TOS. YOU are responsible for
your own uploads and posts, at PG and elsewhere.

-Uploading pornographic content is prohibited.

-Child porn or references/links or ANYTHING referencing Child Exploitation and/or sexual
drawings, cartoons, jokes or anything that involves or references child pornography and/or
sexual abuse of children are prohibited and will result in an immediate ban and your IP details,
ISP, & all your posts will be IMMEDIATELY reported to INTERNATIONAL Internet Law Enforcement

-Questionable Age Nudity: If you think the subject may be too young or be
mistaken for a minor, DO NOT post the material! You may be instantly banned, AND/OR
REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES - in PG's sole judgment and discretion!

-Accusations and flames using references of pedophilia or molestation of children
are ABSOLUTELY prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
Simply put, do NOT accuse someone else of being a pedophile or child molester!
PG adheres STRICTLY to all applicable international and US defamation laws!

-Bestiality and ANY material showing or referencing unnecessary cruelty or injury to
animals, except reportage and newsworthy or historic material, is discouraged as Animal
Abuse. Violators may receive a warning or ban. This especially applies to material showing
animal cruelty, killing or fighting solely for entertainment. Truthful reportage of actual events
is tolerated, within limits, if not intended to circumvent this Rule.

-This is an adult site. Minors (under 18 years of age) are not allowed to access this site in any way,
place, means, or under ANY member's account. YOU are responsible for the use of your account at PG.

-Please keep Private Messages PRIVATE and do not post them in comment unless PUBLICLY
allowed by the sender. They are called private messages for a good reason. Violators may be
banned. The posting of private/personal information about yourself or others will result in a
warning or possible ban. This does not include MySpace or Facebook urls - they are allowed.

-Threatening is NOT allowed on this site. A direct threat is when a person says credibly and
seriously they are going to commit an illegal act against another person. Joking around among
friends is one thing- putting people in real, credible fear of harm is NOT! Threats will be
REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES, in PG's sole judgment and discretion.
In most countries, the electronic communication of a serious threat is a crime in itself.
If you feel threatened, please notify PG Staff of the link or post where the person made the threat.

-Direct threats may result in a warning, ban, or immediate report to Law Enforcement,
at the complete discretion of the PG Staff. We don't tolerate this: chill out or get out.

-The repeated posting of racial/hate comments is disruptive to the community and may result in
a ban of the offensive user. PG adheres to an anti-racism, UN Human Rights Declaration
policy and applicable Human Rights international laws and principles.

-Please do your best to keep your topics posted in the appropriate Section/Thread.

-PG is a privately owned website. The owner and administrators have the right to delete, redistribute
or use in any way all material, web site addresses or subject matter that they see fit, in any post,
profile or thread. By your voluntary use of PG, you waive and release PG and its personnel from
liability for ANY and ALL legal claims of any nature whatsoever. PG MAKES NO WARRANTIES TO YOU OF ANY

Check back on these Rules frequently as PG reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time.


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